CCAS Joint Seminars and Basic Research Reviews

AFRL-UCLA CCAS Basic Research Review, January 20, 2015


Presentation slides

Dr. Ann Karagozian (UCLA)

UCLA CCAS Center Overview Remarks

Dr. Russ Caflisch (UCLA)

Overview of Accelerated Simulation Methods for Plasma Kinetics

Dr. Jean-Luc Cambier / Dr. Justin Koo (AFRL)

An overview of fundamental R&D problems in space propulsion and related environment

Dr. Hai Le (UCLA/AFRL)

High fidelity and multiscale algorithms for collisional-radiative and non-equilibrium plasmas

Dr. Bokai Yan (UCLA)

A Monte Carlo method with negative particles

Dr. David Bilyeu (AFRL)

A Validation and Verification Case Study of Various Vlasov Solvers

Dr. Carl Lederman (AFRL)

Building More Efficient TP (Time Parallel) Solvers with Applications to Multi-Scale Modeling and Gyrokinetics

Dr. Xiaolin Zhong (UCLA)

Laminar-Turbulent Transition of Hypersonic Boundary Layer Affected by Surface Roughness

Dr. Artan Qerush (AFRL)

Field reversed Configuration modeling activities

Dr. Eder Souza (AFRL)

Discontinuous Galerkin and Mixed Methods for Plasma Simulations

Dr. Ann Karagozian (UCLA)

Control of Instabilities in Reactive and Non-Reactive Flows

Dr. Rob Martin (UCLA)

A Thermophysics Universal Research Framework

Dr. Venke Sankaran (AFRL)

Insights into Model Assumptions and Road to Model Validation for Turbulent Combustion

Dr. Nathan Mundis (AFRL)

Adaptive Meshing, Adaptive Physics, Advanced Numerics for Reacting-LES Computations

Dr. Malissa Lightfoot (AFRL)

Injection and Combustion Principals at Rocket Conditions